The core of culture
1.1 Enterprise aim: To provide afforable quality products; Creat value for customers and feedback our socialty and employees
1.2 Enterprise vision: To be the top supplier of electronic component in global electronic industry
1.3Enterprise mission: Through unremitting efforts and continuous improvement to meet customer needs.
1.4 Enterprise core value: Win-win strategy is our basis for survival and development
2. Enterprise philosophies:
2.1 Philosophy core:
2.1.1 Talent
Based on honesty, make a clear distinction between public and private interests; bring into full play each one's ability; performance-oriented; shared growth
We believe that honesty is the basis of a man and honesty is an important factor in selecting personnel.
Our selection and promotion is completely performance-oriented and merit-based selection of talent is the constant principle of Dada.
It is our responsibility to let our employee to share our development.
2.1.2  Innovation
Continuous improvement, and never stop innovating.
Innovation is the soul of Dada. Without innovation, there is no progress, and no Dada future.
2.1.3 Learning
Study well; Learning to the actual situation
Dada is a learning organization; Study should be a lifelong habit of every Dada people.
Learning by doing; doing by learning
2.2 Operation Principle
2.2.1 Operating integrity, performance first
Enterprise has undertaken Dada's dream, the pursuit and the future. In the fierce market competition, we must uphold the integrity of operations. We must aim efficiency as the goal and pay each effort for that. Everything should be do detailed analysis and research, meanwhile we can not be blind pursuit of high profits and ignore the business ethics.
2.2.2 Diligence, thrift, plain living and hard work
We honor the value of plain living and hard struggle, do not wallow in luxuries and pleasures. We refuse to extravagance and waste, not to engage in pompous form and pomp
2.2.3 Value derived from quality services
Everyone in Dada is attendant while being service by others. The value of work springs from the services from each other.  Not only let our consumers who use Dada products enjoy quality service, but also to make our internal customers to enjoy quality service. whether work is valuable to see that we can provide quality service for your customers.
2.3 Management
2.3.1 Mamaging less is managing better
Truth is always the most simple, the management principle should also be simple. In short, a sentence can be understood by all.
2.3.2 Attention to detail, result-oriented
Dada believe that a real solution of enterprise crisis is depend on a series of small piece subtle - the devil in the details, profit in every employee's hand sewing. Small trickles gather into the sea, the details by hand decide the result- success or failure.
2.3.3 Unity,cooperation and systematic
Today is not a era of individual hero to win the game. Each section of Dada should be cooperation tightly and improve system efficiency to gain advantages in competition
2.3.4 Quality-oriented is everyone's responsibility
Quality is the product life, product quality is good or bad depends on each of us. In the enterprise, no matter where you are a post, will have implications on product quality.